Student Leadership Team #Communications

Welcome to 2020, North Seattle—and the first snow of the season! This week we introduce a new (old) member of our team, returning from last year’s cohort… Natasha! 

Pronouns: they/them/theirs 

Natasha is the Communications Officer, taking over for Kauser in her position as Communications Intern. As Communication’s Officer, they will be managing the Student Blog, maintaining bulletin boards around campus, and documenting events. Natasha joined Student Leadership because they wanted to know more about what’s going on around campus, and how and why decisions are made. They’re most proud of their work last year as the Layout Editor for Licton Springs Review (copies are free, and littered around campus! Look for the pink cover) and their favorite spot on campus is between the IB and AS buildings, where the stairwells are draped in vines. Natasha loves color coding and is constantly disappointed when it doesn’t end up worth the time it takes to do, and their secret talent is forgetting simple words at the most ironic time possible. After North they plan to get a Bachelors in Fine Arts, in order to continue their study of the more painstaking methods of making. 

Stop by the Student Leadership office (CC1446) to say hello! And stay safe out there! 


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