Student Leadership Team #Communications

Welcome to 2020, North Seattle—and the first snow of the season! This week we introduce a new (old) member of our team, returning from last year’s cohort… Natasha! 

Pronouns: they/them/theirs 

Natasha is the Communications Officer, taking over for Kauser in her position as Communications Intern. As Communication’s Officer, they will be managing the Student Blog, maintaining bulletin boards around campus, and documenting events. Natasha joined Student Leadership because they wanted to know more about what’s going on around campus, and how and why decisions are made. They’re most proud of their work last year as the Layout Editor for Licton Springs Review (copies are free, and littered around campus! Look for the pink cover) and their favorite spot on campus is between the IB and AS buildings, where the stairwells are draped in vines. Natasha loves color coding and is constantly disappointed when it doesn’t end up worth the time it takes to do, and their secret talent is forgetting simple words at the most ironic time possible. After North they plan to get a Bachelors in Fine Arts, in order to continue their study of the more painstaking methods of making. 

Stop by the Student Leadership office (CC1446) to say hello! And stay safe out there! 


Student Leadership Team #Research&Advocacy

Hey North Seattle! It’s been a while since our last student leader bio but this one will take us straight through finals! This week, our featured student leader is… Lily!

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Lily is the Research and Advocacy Board Coordinator and she joined Student Leadership because she wanted a chance to get more involved on campus. Lily’s favorite spot on campus is the Grove and her favorite Seattle spot is Magnuson Park. She is inspired by the ambition and motivation of those around her as well as her own desire to do and be better. Lily has a pet schnoodle (poodle-schnauzer mix) and is REALLY good at yoga. She is hoping to attend a 4-year college after graduating from North Seattle College and we wish her all the best when she takes that next step!

Good luck to all of you during this Finals season! Come drop by the Student Leadership office if you would like to start a club, want to get involved, or just want to hang and meet new folx! CC1446 is where it’s all at!

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Student Leadership Team #Equity

Hey North! This week our featured student leader is… Raya!

Pronouns: she/her/hers
Raya is the Equity Board Coordinator and joined student leadership to help promote EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) in her community. She strives to help others and to make North as safe and equitable an environment for all people. Raya is most proud of her work in hosting equitable events around campus, making policy changes, as well as the advocacy projects she works on in the Equity and Welcome Center. Raya’s favorite thing about North Seattle College is the leaves that grow on the buildings, and watching them change color as the seasons change. Her favorite spot in Seattle is Carkeek Park and something that makes Raya unique is her love for stickers (especially the multidimensional ones that you can squish; I didn’t even know that was a thing!). Things that motivate Raya include Alexandria Ocsasio Cortez and rabbits. When Raya graduates from North Seattle, she plans to transfer to a 4-year university.

Thank you for making this school a place that’s open to all! Come by the Student Leadership office (CC1446, across from the Grove) to say hi!

Student Leadership Team #CABCoordinator

Hey North Seattle! This Thursday we are introducing you to one of our greatest connection pieces around campus… Emily!

Preferred pronouns: None, they/them, she/her

Emily also goes by Em or Emma and serves as the Student Cabinet Coordinator. As the CAB Coordinator, Emily meets with students that attend committees all around campus who provide updates to the Student Leadership team, and then those students share Student Leadership information back out to the committees. Emily joined Student Leadership so that she could make a difference for both the faculty and students, to help increase communication, AND to buff up her resume a bit (great thinking ahead Em!). Emily’s favorite spot on campus is the quiet/silent room in the tutoring center with her favorite spot in Seattle is Amazing Thai on Roosevelt Way; make sure to check them both out!
Emily is most proud of having made the President’s List and is hoping to pursue a Bachelor’s or even a Master’s degree after graduating from North Seattle (woo!)! She loves to cook and is sure that her cat and dog have planned some sort of political plan to manipulate more food out of her, but she knows!

Thank you for all your hard work Em! Drop by the Student Leadership office (CC1446, across from the Grove) to say Hi!

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Student Leadership Team #EventsCoordinator

Welcome to Week 6 of the Fall Quarter! Mid-terms are about half-way through and the weather is beauuuutiful! With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like the perfect time to introduce you to… Eli!

Pronouns: he/him/his

Eli is the Events Coordinator at the Student Leadership office! Eli is the Master Planner of events through the Student Leadership office as well as a master soccer ball juggler. Eli joined Student Leadership because he wants more students to be involved in the events on campus and wants to bring a sense of community to the school. His favorite spot on campus is The Student Learning Center and is motivated by the awesome people he’s surrounded by. Eli enjoys all the water and beautiful viewpoints around the city and Hope’s to transfer to either UW or UCLA after graduating from North (oohhh! Aaahhh!). Eli has a calm and cool demeanor, and always open to having great conversations and new friends!
Drop by the Student Leadership office (CC1446) across from The Grove to see what events are coming up next (or give him a couple of your own ideas)!

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Student Leadership Team #ClubCouncilCoordinator

Hey North Seattle! We missed an introduction last week (woops!) but that just added to the excitement for us to introduce… Angel!

Pronouns: he/him/his

Angel is the Club Council Coordinator AND the President of the Student Veteran Community! Being the Club Council Coordinator, Angel is here to answer any questions you have regarding how to start a club and how to keep it going! He also served in the United States Marine Corps in Infantry with the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines (thank you for your service!). Angel joined Student Leadership because he loves to challenge himself and considers Student Leadership to be a fun challenge. He wants to make sure he is constantly developing as a leader and loves nothing more than to propel his colleagues towards their goals. Angel’s secret talent is that he’s a classically trained chef and his favorite spot on campus is the Student Veteran Lounge (CC2261G). After graduating from North Seattle College, Angel plans to obtain a business degree in analytics.

Thank you for your dedication to this school AND this country! Come by the Student Leadership office across from The Grove (CC1446) to say Hello.

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Student Leadership Team #President

Hey North! Hope you’re staying warm in this chiiiiiilly weather! This week I would like to introduce you to the one, the only… SARAH!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Sarah is the STUDENT BODY PRESIDENT and serves to be the student voice for the college. She joined Student Leadership so she could be part of the solution for the problems she saw on campus (instead of just complaining). One of her greatest accomplishments was conducting a fancy research project where she successfully inserted the human insulin gene into a fast-growing mushroom and got it to express! Sarah is also obsessed with tacos and her favorite animal THIS week is the highland cow. Her favorite spot on campus is an exposed pipe on the North side which she did a photo project on last year. One unique thing about Sarah is that she’s diabetic and wears an insulin pump. “Some people wear their hearts on their sleeves, I wear my pancreas in my pocket.” When she graduates from NSC, Sarah hopes to transfer into the neurobiology program at the UW and adopt a highland cow!

Thank you for all your hard work and dedication to this school! Come by the Student Leadership office across from The Grove (CC1446) to say Hello.


Student Leadership Team #FeesBoard

Hey North Seattle! As we said last week, every week we will be introducing you to one member of our Student Leadership team! On this beautiful second week of class, we introduce you to… Gigi!

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Gigi is the Finance Officer at the Student Leadership office focusing on where the student fees go to make this campus run smoooooothly. She is most proud of her coming back to school after a “looong break” and being willing to learn, make mistakes, persevere, and enjoy herself. She believes every meal should include carbs and is motivated by music and people. She joined Student Leadership so she could learn more about Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, and be in a place where people actively pursued conversations and actions centered around EDI. Gigi’s favorite spot in Seattle is Fremont, where she used to walk the canal and get free samples of Theo Chocolate. After graduating from NSC, Gigi plans to go to the UW to major in Interdisciplinary Visual Arts and minor in ASL.

Come by CC1446 to meet her anytime! Welcome to the team Gigi!

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Student Leadership Team #Communications

Hey North Seattle! Every week we will be introducing you to one member of the Student Leadership team! This week we have the pleasure of introducing you to…

Kauser Gwaduri

Pronouns: She/her/hers

Kauser is the Communications Intern at the Student Leadership office, focusing on social media, the student blog, bulletin boards, etc. She is most proud of her current attendance at Seattle University in a Masters program in Student Development. Her favorite spot at #northseattle is the plaza over the Arts and Sciences building (great spot for events!), and her favorite thing about Seattle is the diversity and the cold weather. Kauser is motivated by desserts and the ability to support and empower other people to follow their dreams. She joined Student Leadership because she wants to find different ways that people can get involved on-campus based on their own skills and passions. Last, but not least, Kauser’s secret talent is her ability to wiggle her ears, nose, and eyebrows.

Please feel free to drop by cc1446 on Tuesdays and Thursdays to say Hello! Welcome to the team Kauser!