NSC Clubs Interview with Megan Davies

Here at North Seattle College, there are many ways to get involved with the campus community. For example, any student can join a club or start their own. I have heard several students express their great club ideas, but they are not sure how to get clubs started. The process for creating a club is much simpler than most students think. On August 6th, I … Continue reading NSC Clubs Interview with Megan Davies

NSC Art Committee Receives Annual Funding

The Art Committee at North Seattle College has recently been granted an annual $1,000 to purchase student artwork! Art Committee members met with President Warren Brown and a panel to present their request to receive $1,000 annually to buy student artwork from the Juried Student Art Exhibition. Last year, the college purchased my ceramic sculpture and so I was able to provide a testimony of … Continue reading NSC Art Committee Receives Annual Funding

Student Leadership is Now Hiring!

We are currently accepting applications for Student Leadership, North’s student government and a program offering on-campus jobs and professional skill-building. Student leaders work to improve the campus for all students, support the college values of equity and inclusion, and promote student interests. No experience is necessary, and new students are welcome! We encourage students from all backgrounds to apply. Student Leadership positions are paid $16/hour … Continue reading Student Leadership is Now Hiring!

NSC Rocketry Club Collaboration with Russia

North Seattle College has friends in unexpected places—like Blagoveshchensk, Russia. Tracy Furutani, a physics instructor at North and the faculty advisor for the Rocketry Club, has been working on fostering a collaboration between North Seattle College and Amur State University in Blagoveshchenk. For years, the North Seattle College Rocketry Club has been entering an annual international rocketry competition in New Mexico (http://www.soundingrocket.org/what-is-irec.html). The club members … Continue reading NSC Rocketry Club Collaboration with Russia

Why Community College?

When I first made the choice to attend North Seattle College, I was excited and eager to begin my college experience. It never occurred to me that I would encounter judgement because I was starting off at a community college. While everyone in high school announced their college decisions, I could pick up on subtle looks of disapproval from students going off to universities. I … Continue reading Why Community College?

NEW Equity and Welcome Center: An Interview with D’Andre Fisher

D’Andre Fisher, North’s Associate Vice President of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion may be new, but he is known to make sure his voice is heard on campus. Under his guidance, a new Equity and Welcome Center at NSC is in the works to open this year. Fisher said the need for an Equity and Welcome Center has been a priority of his since he began … Continue reading NEW Equity and Welcome Center: An Interview with D’Andre Fisher

Introducing a New Course: SLN 101

If you’re looking for an interesting new class that encourages participation in your local community, register for SLN 101. This class, Service Learning and Leadership 101, will give you the opportunity to create and implement your own community service project. Throughout the quarter, you are given the chance to report back to a group of students who are also conducting their own service projects. This … Continue reading Introducing a New Course: SLN 101