Introducing a New Course: SLN 101

If you’re looking for an interesting new class that encourages participation in your local community, register for SLN 101. This class, Service Learning and Leadership 101, will give you the opportunity to create and implement your own community service project. Throughout the quarter, you are given the chance to report back to a group of students who are also conducting their own service projects. This class is primarily an off-campus class with in-person meetings once a week. It will be held either in the Spring or Summer of 2019. Consider enrolling!

Simone Sawyer

Student Cabinet Member


Healthcare Technology Management Changes Curriculum

The Healthcare Technology Management Program is a 2-year curriculum that trains students to repair the equipment in hospitals such as MRI and X-Ray machines, as well as bedside equipment for patients. This year, the college is making changes from previous curriculum. The new curriculum now has 1 less credit. In addition to that, the course AMA117 (Introduction to Medical Vocabulary) increased its credit number from 3 credits to 5 credits. The course AMA 119 (Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology) is being dropped out of system, and Fall’18 is last time it is running. It is being transported over to HTM Curriculum. Also, there is a reduction of 15 credits for the curriculum. 2 classes were removed from the curriculum: EET 137 (Introduction to Robotics) & EET 138 (Robotic Applications). 1 class was also added: BUS 118. This is because the HTM curriculum has changed. The program revision was approved by CAS in January 2019, and the appropriate paperwork was forwarded to the Vice President for Instruction’s office.

Kristy Go,

Student Cabinet Member