Transgender Day of Remembrance

On Transgender Day of Remembrance, we hold space for those we’ve lost due to transphobic violence over the last year.

We must do everything we can to fight transphobia wherever and whenever we can.

2021 has been an especially awful year in terms of transphobic legislation at the local and state levels. Over 110 transphobic bills have been introduced this year alone.

Medical Care Ban South Carolina HB4047 Texas SB1311 Sports Ban Michigan SB218  Arkansas SB354 Same-Sex Facility Ban Tennessee HB1223 Tennessee HB1182  Gender Marker Change on Birth Certificate Ban Montana SB280 South Dakota HB1067 
Along with 110 other  bills… 

Get involved.


Here are some local organizations that support the Trans community:

Trans Families 

Gender Justice League 

Lambert House 

Lavender Rights Project

Northwest Network 

Ingersoll Gender Center 


GLAAD — This is a link to an especially good list of support and legal resources.

National Center for Transgender Equality






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