Election Day is November 2 (Next Tuesday)!

Your voice matters! 

Election Day (Tuesday, November 2, 2021) is only a week away, and your choices can help decide how our community will address topics like affordable housing and many social justice issues that affect students like you at North.  

The last day to register online or by mail is this Tuesday, October 25th. 

You can still register in person on election day. 

Voting is easy. You can vote by mail or you can drop your ballot off at any of the ballot boxes around King County (Look! A handy map with all of them!).

If you’re voting by mail:

Make sure you get your ballot in the mail by this Friday (October 25th) so it will be postmarked by Election Day. YOU DO NOT NEED A STAMP. 

If you’re dropping your ballot in one of King County’s many available ballot boxes: 

Just fill out your ballot, put it in the envelope that came with your ballot, sign and date it (the envelope), and drop it off at any of the convenient ballot boxes throughout King County by 8pm on Tuesday, October 25th! There’s even one at North near the parking lot by the College Center (College Way N. side)! 

We realize not everyone can vote in this election for various reasons (maybe you’re not old enough, yet, etc.). But if you can and you are able, please make sure your voice is heard this Tuesday.


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