Celebrating Our Moms – Happy Mother’s Day!

Dr. Mari describes her mom: She is a kind, inspiring, wonderful person. She is always devoted to always caring for others over herself. She is originally from San Nicolas, Ilocos Norte, island of Luzon in the Philippines. She currently lives in Richmond, BC, Canada.

Dr. Mari (newborn baby) with her mom and dad

She’s a natural caretaker, a perfectionist gardener and the highest level of culinary expertise in Filipino food. She will shower you with advice and share her passion of her faith if you ask. I miss and love her very much. As soon as that border opens I am driving up to Canad to get hugs and my tummy filled with yummy food!

Rose Buchanan and her children
❤️ Their smiles and laughter mean everything to me! I work for them, live for them, love them so! Being a mama is an adventure like no other! ❤️


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