NSC Welcomes the New Pacific Islander Affinity Group

North Seattle College is excited to announce it’s first-ever Pacific Islander Affinity Group!

Anna Bungag, PIA’s logo artist and North Seattle College Graduate

TRiO Navigator Jeff Bermudes (he/his), Pacific Islander Affinity Group Advisor is a descendant of the Chamorro people indigenous to the Mariana Islands. Sabrina Malialani (she/her), Student Leader is a descendant of King Kamehameha V indigenous from the Hawaiian Islands. In celebration and identification of the Pacific Islander Affinity Group, we would like to introduce our brand-new logo designed by North Seattle College Alumnus, Ana Bungag. 

Pacific Islander Affinity Logo Artist- Ana Bungag (She/Her, Fillipino- American):

I am Ana Bungag and my pronouns are she/her. I immigrated from the Philippines to the US when I was a teenager, but I just recently became a US citizen and so I now identify as Filipino-American. I graduated at North Seattle College with a bachelor’s degree in International Business and now I am studying Graphic Design at Seattle Central College.

How was your experience going to NSC? 

For me, the classes that I took at NSC shaped me in the career path that I wanted to take. My Digital Arts class sparked my interest in becoming a graphic designer and digital artist. My classes in International Business helped me understand even more about the cultures and practices of people from different countries which I feel I should keep in mind when I am working or interacting with someone. 

Right now, my art and designs are focused on my community, especially Asian/Pacific Americans. I want to help and show my support for them especially now with all the hardships they have to face since the beginning of the pandemic.


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